Mold Remediation

Mold and  mildew It can grow on hidden surfaces such as the back of drywall, wallpaper or paneling, the tops of ceiling tiles, and the underside of carpets and carpet padding.

Our team knows that mold outbreaks can be difficult to contain and can cause serious health implications. Our IICRC backed technicians work tirelessly to identify and eliminate mold threats to your property and family.

We respond quickly to your mold removal needs

When mold, bacteria or odor affect your indoor air quality, you must take action to protect the health of those in the environment and protect the value of your property.Rebuilt Restoration is where one call does it all for mold remediation as well as the repair work needed. We handle 100% of the identification, testing, removal, and remediation process, so you’ll never have to call another mold removal company again trust in the R for 5 year guaranteed.

Mold grows and spreads quickly

Mold spores develop in dark, damp environments. It can grow in many places, behind a shower wall, in a dark hallway closet, on a bathroom ceiling, in an enclosed laundry room, or under a kitchen sink anywhere the environment is dark and damp. When these spores are agitated, they become airborne and release mycotoxins that affect the human body They can be inhaled, absorbed through the skin, or ingested with food.

It’s important to not only stop the visible mold, but to test and treat all possible sources of your mold infestation to prevent another outbreak ask about are FREE AIR TEST  with the purchase of air o-cell cartridge.