Water Restoration

Flooding or "water damage" inside a home or business can occur from any type of water supply source (plumbing or nature) and is almost always accidental, random, or unexpected. However, no matter what the case may be, water damage repair losses will generally be covered through a your insurance policy (with a few exceptions based on individual policies and the issuing company) but don't worry Rebuilt Restoration Is A fordable and make sure that all homeowners know exactly what they are paying for by using a line item mise estimate

Although flooding can be a very stressful situation, try not to panic. Also, DO NOT call your insurance company first! Some water damage situations can be resolved without having to file a insurance claim. Furthermore, it's always best to have a professional water damage repair expert assess the situation first to determine the source and extent of the loss while minimizing any further damage from occurring to your structure or belongings

Once the damage has been stopped from spreading the option of filing a claim will be discussed. Should a claim be the best option, it is highly recommended to review your insurance policy first before filing the claim. This will determine for sure if your policy covers the loss or not. Your next best option is to contact your insurance AGENT and NOT the claims department to obtain this information.
Our team has been dealing with water damage repair losses for years and is able to walk you through the entire claim filing process.

So, if you have been a victim of flooding or any type of water damage in your Colorado home or business and need water damage restoration services call now. 720-297-7264 certified water damage repair expert's are ready to assist you.
It is important that water damaged materials be repaired right the first time by a professional water damage restoration contractor. If not major structural damage can occur in a residential or commercial facility.

Time is of the upmost importance when dealing with wet carpets, wood floors (or any other type of flooring), wet drywall, ceilings, contents, important documents, and any other items of importance damaged by water. Wet materials can start to germinate mold in just 24 to 72 hours after water intrusion.Water extraction, or removing the excess water, is generally the first step when repairing water damage.Water extraction is typically followed by structural drying and/or drying contents and any other materials that were affected by the water.This process normally takes between 2-5 days and can be achieved in many ways. Dehumidification and air movement are the two methods used most to mitigate a water loss.  But with extreme water damage rebuilt restoration and mold is ready to bring in desiccants if necessary.

Time is of the essence!

Response time is the most critical factor when dealing with water removal (water extraction)! The longer water is permitted to linger, the more saturation will set in. Our professional on call staff of water extraction experts will respond to your call in 60min or less! A water damage situation with minimal saturation can be resolved fairly quickly. On the other hand, once maximum saturation has set in, the need for more structural alterations may make it a more costly project.